About Us

Jai Ingredients Private Limited has established itself as one of the most reputed international marketers and distributors of Food & Pharma ingredients in India, with our promise of delivering the best. Our organization works on the solid foundation of understanding and gratifying our customers needs, supported by a team led by highly qualified, efficient and experienced people.

A wide exposure and deep understanding of the specialty chemicals products and ingredients for food and consumer products gives us insight into the needs of the ever changing global markets.

JIPL has gained an excellent reputation with buyers based on your efficient chain of products, processing and distribution of food products. Our unique characteristics are particularly appealing of the food industry looking for products that meet the growing demand. We give our clients good quality, competitive rates, personalized services and on time delivery.

The industry segments covered by us at present are:
Bread Industry
Ice Cream Industry
Snacks Industry
Nutritional Supplements
Meat Industry
Pharma Industry
Team CSC
The journey of CSC began in 2021 with a dream and a desire to introduce a new Indian brand into the market and establish it worldwide. We at CSC believe in the “Make in India” campaign which strongly drives our thoughts of producing products on our own and make it a named brand all around the globe. The in-house production and thorough attention to detail make it possible to provide the best products to customers and so meet their expectations. Read More
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